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    With a smile that can instantly light up a room, his warm, fun-loving personality and wholesome, all-American good looks, it is easy to see why Kevin appeals to over a million fans around the world at the age of just 19. To those that consider themselves fans of his music or film work, though, there is a greater allure: a depth and passion that draws you in; music that transforms this all-American guy into a multi-generational, stirring and passionate artist. He has a voice that is both earnest and soulful. He never struggles to find lyrics because he has a lot to say and writing is his greatest form of self-expression.

    Raised on the north shore of Chicago, Kevin started his music career banging pots and pans together with his twin sister Courtney in his parent’s kitchen. Kevin’s grandfather, a saxophone and clarinet player in a Polka band, encouraged him to take piano lessons and guitar to keep music in the family. Kevin obliged but still considers himself a student of piano and an evolving guitar player who spends many nights downloading chords, learning his favorite songs, and then recording covers for his fans on social media. He is known for his honest “Instagram Live” moments where he sings songs he just learned to show his fans the human side of showbiz, the hard work it requires and his vulnerability as an artist, hiccups and all. His fans feel a very real connection to him and trust him because they’ve been watching his journey and feel he is real.

    Kevin grew up playing soccer, baseball and was then a coxswain on the high school rowing team but learned quickly that his real passions were music and acting. His rowing coach from New Trier High School recounts a story that on the way to regattas, Kevin would go to the front of the bus, take the microphone and begin singing to his busload of teammates and coaches. Never shy about his love of music, Kevin was fortunate enough to grow-up in a community that recognized his talents and supported his passion for the arts. He sang in musicals, four different choirs where he learned music theory, and was a member of Midwest Young Artists where he studied in-studio vocal recording under the direction of Emmy Award winner, Gary Fry. A pinnacle moment was his self-taped audition for season 12 of American Idol when producers invited him to Hollywood for the show. His golden ticket song was, “Hallelujah, I Love Her So,” by Ray Charles. He went all the way through group rounds, ended as one of the top 60 male singers in the country and was one of the youngest contestants on the show that season having just barely turned 15.

    His first original song, “When you Were Mine” was written at 16, with his buddy down the street, Will Tilson (a blues guitarist). Kevin and Will created a music video and then “went on tour” doing cover songs and a few originals at local coffee shops and restaurants like The Cubby Bear. It was his first taste of playing live and Kevin loved it! He then formed a high school band, “The Whom” who just barely beat out “Louis the Child (current, hot EDM duo) in their school’s battle of the bands competition, “Band Aid.”

    In 2015 Kevin landed an acting role in “Adventures In Babysitting” and later a series regular role on the Disney Channel show, “Bunk’d” where he sings the title song for the show. His full-time work in Hollywood meant that the whole family would pack their bags and make the big move from Chicago to Los Angeles. There he met his music manager Andre Recke (Hilary Duff, R5, and Nikka Costa). Kevin spent over a year writing and creating original music that he found to be both fun and therapeutic since he wrote about life and changes he saw from his move, a new career and the natural changes that come with emerging adult-hood. This journey was the inspiration for his first single, Lucky. On the surface it seems a love song but also touches on the feeling one experiences when all the pieces of life just seem to fall into place effortlessly and you are left wondering how you got so lucky.

    Kevin has worked with some very impressive music producers including Red One (Lady Gaga, U2, JLo), Justin Stanley (Beck, Sheryl Crow), Eric Lee McNeely and Maxton Waller who is also his musical director.

    He is quickly building his repertoire of music and has plans to release additional singles and an EP. Kevin finds inspiration from artists like Ed Sheeran and John Mayer and hopes he will inspire his fans one day as they hear the evolution of his music and the story it tells.